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Beer and medical gases
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Gases stocked include Acetylene, Oxygen, Argon, Argoshield Welding Gases, Air, Nitrogen, Beer Gas, Carbon Dioxide, Medical Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen.




Opening a BOC Gas Account

You can open an account by visiting our store and completing a BOC Account Application Form and/or you may choose to print the online application form by clicking here. This is a cylinder account only, a separate section is completed for a credit account and a standard credit search is then carried out by BOC.    You will need to pay for the Rental Plan you have chosen and for the gas on pick up, you are then invoiced direct from BOC for future rent and just pay for the gas on pick up.

How can I obtain a hard copy of the form? You can obtain a hard copy of the BOC Account Application form from us.
Why do I have to submit my application with ID? For security and verification purposes we ask that you provide your application along copies of your current driver's licence or passport.
Why is selection of the correct Cylinder Rental option so critical? When you purchase Gas from BOC you are paying for the Gas contents inside the cylinder, you do not purchase the physical cylinder from us. You actually hire the Cylinder from BOC on a rental plan of your choice.

Depending on your frequency of gas usage, there are a variety of Rental Plans available to suit your needs, however please ensure you read the terms and conditions that accompany the rental of cylinders from BOC.

NOTE: HealthCare customers should ONLY select Option 1 (Monthly) under "Container Service Options".

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Access to the largest pool of cylinders in Australia: over 2.2 million

This ensures fast and effective turnaround of gas where customers require it. BOC have many initiatives in place to improve the management of cylinders on-site to reduce distractions and inefficiencies so your people can focus on their core business.


BOCís national distribution and operations network across Australia and New Zealand transacts millions of gas and equipment sales and completes deliveries to 400,000 customers each year:

4     85 Gas & Gear Centres

4      SHAPE  \* MERGEFORMAT Over 1,200 Gas Agents and/or Equipment Partners

4     Scientific laboratories expert in the manufacture of sophisticated scientific gases and the calibration of associated scientific instruments (often to an extremely high standard)

4     Over 150 delivery vehicles in our fleet delivering gas and equipment to metropolitan areas plus an established network of accredited

4     Transport providers delivering into regional and country areas


BOCís supply warehouse and retail network of gas agents and equipment partners can support each of your key operations.  BOC also has a local Gas & Gear with extensive warehouse capacity and established transport links to each of your operations. BOC also have an extensive logistics infrastructure to support our gas deliveries around Australia.

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