Stock Code Description Length (mm) Mass per Metre (kg)
MRRDRub Rail Double6.00.694
MRRERub Rail Ends
MTHTop Hat5.00.948
MRRSFARope Rail Single Flange6.50.230
MRRSFWRope Rail Single Flange - White6.50.230
MRRDFRope Rail Double Flange6.50.282
MRRDFWRope Rail Double Flange - White6.50.282
MRRDRRope Rail Double Rope6.00.329
MSTSail Track 31.754.00.485
MJMJ Mould (Gutter)4.00.157
MCM19Crescent Mould - 19.05mm4.00.143
MCM25Crescent Mould - 25.00mm4.00.186
MCM32Crescent Mould - 32.00mm4.00.246
MCM38Crescent Mould - 38.10mm4.00.295
MTE20Table Edge 20.6 x 64.00.100
MTE29Table Edge 29.0 x 64.00.130
MCM27Coping Mould 27.0 x 104.00.309
MCM35Coping Mould 35.0 x 104.00.346
MSTN46Stair Tread Nosing Fluted 46 x 154.00.450
MAF25Angle Flute 25 x
MFF38Flat Fluted 38.1 x 44.00.309
MWSWindshield Surround5.00.265
TA10Slotted Tiling Angle3.0
Walkway22Walkway 6063-T6 - 22mm x 600mm6.09.368m2
GK30250Grating (Knurled) - 20mm x 250mm6.0
MSSTStair Step Tread - 250mm x 38mm6.05
STECStair Tread End Cap
TPT50Tapered Threaded Pipe - 50mm
TPT38Tapered Threaded Pipe - 38mm
TPT32Tapered Threaded Pipe - 32mm
TPT25Tapered Threaded Pipe - 25mm
TPT19Tapered Threaded Pipe - 19mm
FFC50EV50mm Vented Filler Cap
FFC38EV38mm Vented Filler Cap
FFC32EV32mm Vented Filler Cap
FFC25EV25mm Vented Filler Cap
FFC19EV19mm Vented Filler Cap
FFP5050mm Filler Pipe Parallel
FFP3838mm Filler Pipe Parallel
TWS5050mm Shallow Tapered Socket
TWS3939mm Shallow Tapered Socket
ST3232mm Deep Tapered Socket
ST2525mm Deep Tapered Socket
ST1919mm Deep Tapered Socket
FFFC50R50mm Recessed Filler Flange and Cap
FFFC38R38mm Recessed Filler Flange and Cap
DF39Recessed Filler Flange and Cap with Pipe End - 39mm Hose
MBB12875Bull Bar - 128 x 75 x 63.0
MBB18080Bull Bar - 180 x 80 x 63.015.558
MZ22Zed 22 x 19 x 19 x 36.50.498
MWBJ16Wallboard Joiner - 1.6mm Division2.4
MWBJ30Wallboard Joiner - 3.0mm Division2.4
MWBJ65Wallboard Joiner - 6.5mm Division2.4
MWBC16Wallboard Capping - 1.6mm Cap2.4
MWBC30Wallboard Capping - 3.0mm Cap2.4
MWBC48Wallboard Capping - 4.8mm Cap4.0
MWBC65Wallboard Capping - 6.5mm Cap2.4
MSGTSliding Gate Track 206.5
MSGRGate Runner 126.0
MRSC28Road Sign Channel6.0
ECA60Cast Aluminium Elbow 60mm - 2 piece
RCA75Cast Aluminium Roller 75mm x 12mm
SDTSliding Door Track 6mm x 19mm5.3
SDTCoverSliding Door Track Cover4.3
MTDMTransport Drip Mould5.0
BOWEYEBow Eye Towing Cleat
TIEDOWNTie Down Lug 12mm
SSMFShelf Stiffener6.0
SSPWShelf Stiffener - White6.0
TFTMTransport Floor Trap Mould5.0
MTSTicket Strip3.6
VGHV-Glide Head - E Shape5.0
PB16CAPineboard Channel Section (Clear Anodised) - Suit 16mm x 25mm6.5

Continuous (Piano) & Butt Hinges

Stock Code Description Width Open (mm) Thickness (mm) Length (metre)
PH25GGal 3.2mm S/S Pin251.21.80
PH32GGal 4.0mm S/S Pin321.21.80
PH38GGal 4.5mm S/S Pin381.61.80
PH50GGal 5.0mm S/S Pin501.61.80
PH63GGal 5.0mm S/S Pin631.62.16
PH76GGal 5.0mm S/S Pin761.62.16
PH25SSS/S 1.5mm S/S Pin251.01.80
PH32SSS/S 3.0mm S/S Pin321.21.80
PH40SSS/S 3.0mm S/S Pin401.21.84
PH32SSDS/S 1.5mm S/S Pin Drilled321.02.00
1936533.0mm S/S Pin Drilled - Plastic Butt Hinge353.064
1936554.5mm S/S Pin Drilled - Plastic Butt Hinge504.089

Toilet Partition

Stock Code Size (mm) Length (metres) Finish
TP19CA19mm Internal x 35mm Legs6.0Clear Anodised
TP19IA19mm Infill6.0Clear Anodised
TP19HA19mm Joiner6.0Clear Anodised